Lidia Rodriguez – Turlock, CA

My name is Lidia Rodriguez, and I first became a home care provider when my teenage son was the victim of a violent crime 14 years ago.

A gunshot wound left him paralyzed and I needed to help him through both his physical and emotional pain. When people found out I was caring for my son through California’s Medicaid-funded home care program, IHSS, they came to me with more clients. Every day I see the positive impact in-home care has on all of my clients’ lives, and making my clients happy makes me happy.

I help my clients with cleaning, cooking, monitoring blood pressure and sugar levels, and so much more. And I do all of this while continuing to care for my son. One of my clients, Barbara, has Multiple Sclerosis. I do everything for her—I help her bathe, I make her bed, take out her garbage, cook for her, do laundry and all the usual chores. She takes a lot of strong medication for her MS and I have to be there for her because she slips. Under my care she is getting healthier and has even gained 23 pounds.

Cuts to Medicaid and IHSS would be devastating for Barbara—she told me that she would rather die than go to an institution and receive substandard care there. She is happier and healthier at home.

We need to protect IHSS for seniors and people with disabilities like Barbara and my son.

Lidia Rodriguez is a constituent of Congressman Jeff Denham, who voted to repeal our health care and cut Medicaid by at least $880 billion dollars.