Christine Baur – Tehachapi, CA

My name is Christine Baur and I am a caregiver through California’s Medicaid-funded home care program, IHSS. I live in Tehachapi, CA with my 22-year-old daughter, Delaina.

When Delaina was in second grade, an undiagnosed tumor in her brain hemorrhaged and left her with brain damage. She can understand me, but she has behavior issues. Delaina can do basic math and write her name, but it’s hard for her to learn more. She’s also lost her ability to walk or feed herself.

There’s a lot of days when, because her immune system is compromised, she gets sick easily. Her schedule is very erratic. If I had a regular job while she went to her daycare program, I’d be out of a job because I never know when I have to pick her up, I never know what her day will be like. IHSS means that I can be home when she needs me and I can take her to her doctor’s appointments.

We live paycheck-to-paycheck, because I don’t make much as Delaina’s full-time home care provider. And if something were to happen to IHSS and I lost my job as her provider, I wouldn’t even qualify for unemployment. In the time it could take me to find a new job, we could lose our home, our car – everything. And I don’t know how I could continue to care for Delaina once I find work.

Making cuts to Medicaid and IHSS would be terrible. What options are left for people with disabilities?

Christine Baur is a constituent of Congressman Kevin McCarthy, who voted to repeal our health care and cut Medicaid by at least $880 billion dollars.