Carolyn Haines – Roseville, CA

My name is Carolyn Haines and I am an in-home care provider in Roseville, CA. I care for my 45-year-old daughter Candy, who endured a catastrophic accident at a very early age.

Medicaid funds California’s in-home care program called IHSS, which allows Candy to stay at home and receive the quality care she needs from

the people who know her best. After her accident, doctors told me to put her in an institution. I said no way, I knew she would get better care at home and with me, and I feared what would happen to her if she were put in a home.

Since her accident, Candy has needed so much hands-on care that I’m not sure she would be alive if it weren’t for the care she receives through IHSS. She cannot walk, bathe, feed, or dress herself. Every single task that a person has to do, I have to do for my daughter.

I had to stop working full time after Candy’s accident, but I needed to bring in income. IHSS has allowed me to earn money to support our family.

We’re relying on Medicaid for Candy and I fear what will happen if there are cuts to Medicaid and IHSS. I don’t know what would happen to us if the IHSS program went away. I couldn’t afford to live where we are. We’d be living on the streets.

Carolyn Haines is a constituent of Congressman Tom McClintock, who voted to repeal our health care and cut Medicaid by at least $880 billion dollars.