Amanda Reuther – Encinitas, CA

My name is Amanda Reuther and I am an IHSS home care provider in Encinitas, CA. I care for my 4-year-old daughter Paeyton, who has a rare genetic disorder combined with epilepsy, seizures, Autism and developmental delays.

Paeyton requires a lot of care – she needs assistance with walking and eating, and because of muscular setbacks she uses diapers. With her autism, she has a lot of sensory issues to foods and certain textures or sounds. She’ll throw up, or if anything touches her that she doesn’t like, she’ll want to get it off her right away – so we do a lot of laundry!

I also sit with her at every meal to make sure she chews her food. She has to be watched around everything that is hot and we have to make sure there are extra locks on the doors.

We never know what a day with Paeyton will look like, and before IHSS I never knew what days I’d be able to stay home with her. Now, thanks to California’s Medicaid-funded home care program IHSS, I can work 1-2 days a week and IHSS supplements the rest of my income, allowing me to stay at home with Paeyton and give her the best care possible.

If I couldn’t be there for her, she’d have to be in a facility – tearing our family apart and costing the state even more money. IHSS helps stabilize our lives.

My message to Darrell Issa and the other members of Congress is this: Don’t cut Medicaid, because it funds IHSS. It’s a matter of quality of life for children with disabilities like Paeyton, and for some people it’s the difference between life and death.

Amanda Reuther is a constituent of Congressman Darrell Issa, who voted to repeal our health care and cut Medicaid by at least $880 billion dollars. Read another story from Darrell Issa’s district here.